Conferences and special events

  • Speaker and Panelist, “The Impact of Panama Canal on Trade and Transshipment" TOC Americas 2015, Panama City, Panama, October 2015.ppt
  • Speaker and Panelist, “Routes to Market: Transshipment Hubs & the Americas Shipping Networks" TOC Americas 2014, Cartagena, Colombia, October 2014.pdf
  • Speaker and Panelist, “Berth Productivity"; Port Productivity Conference of The Journal of Commerce, Newark, NJ, USA, December 2013.pdf
  • Discussion Leader, “Transshipment Hubs vs. Direct Call: What will be the Future Shape of Americas Shipping Networks?", TOC Americas 2013, Miami, USA, October 2013.pdf
  • Speaker and Panelist, “Panama vs. Non-Panama Transshipment"; Discussion Leader, Latin America Port Development , Global Liner Shipping Americas Conference, Panama City, Panama, May 2013.pdf
  • Keynote Speaker, “Ports and Liner Shipping -- Evolutionary Perspective", Ports as Gateways, 2013 Western Ports Conference, Perth, Australia, May 2013.
  • Speaker and Panelist, “Alternative Development Plans for Port Region V, Chile", Sonar Valparaiso, Valparaiso, Chile, April 2012.
  • Main Presenter, “The Role of the Port of Algeciras", Trends in Maritiem Trade, Shipping and Ports, a seminar related to The Port of Algeciras Masterplan, Algeciras, Spain, February 2012.
  • Speaker and Panelist, “Loss of Capacity following Earthquake”, Terminal Operator Conference (TOC) Americas 2010, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 2010.pdf
  • Presenter, “Strategic Issues Facing the Ports of New York/New Jersey and Abu Dhabi/Dubai”, University of New York Lecture Series, New York and Abu Dhabi, October 2009 and January 2010.
  • Speaker and Panelist, “Impacts of Panama Canal Expansion”, and "Masterplan for Central Chile Ports", Terminal Operator Conference (TOC) Americas 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 2009.
  • Speaker and Panelist, “Alternative Development Plan for Central Chile Ports”, Terminal Operator Conference (TOC) Americas 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 2009.
  • Speaker and Panelist, “Strategic, Business Plan for Port Quetzal, Guatemala”, Terminal Operator Conference (TOC) Americas 2008, Long Beach, CA, USA, November 2008.
  • Speaker and Panelist, “Future Trends in West Coast South America Shipping Pattern”, Terminal Operator Conference (TOC) Americas 2007, Panama City, Panama, November 2007.
  • Speaker and Panelist, “Global Trends in Shipping and Ports”, Port Society of Cartagena, Colombia, with participation of the President of Colombia and Ministers in charge of port development, Cartagena, Colombia, July 2007.
  • Panelist, “Port Performance and Logistic Indicators”, Global Institute of Logistic Forum, Atlanta, GA, June 2007.
  • Speaker and Panelist, “Securing the Future Vitality of the Marine Transportation System (MTS) through Cooperative Research” 7th Marine Transportation System Research & Technology Conference, The National Academy of Science, Washington DC, November 2004.
  • Speaker, “Environmental Benefits of Short Sea3rd Short Sea Shipping Conference, MarAd, New York, NY, October 2004.
  • Speaker and Panelist, “Roundtable 5: How will a Waterborne Intermodal System Work in Practice?” JOC Short Sea Shipping Conference, Hilton Head, GA, April 2004.
  • Speaker and Panelist, “Future Panama Canal Improvements and Impacts on International Trade”, Annual Transportation Research Board Conference, TRB / Marine Board (National Academy of Science), Washington DC, January 2003.
  • Speaker and Panelist, “Long-Term Developments in Liner Shipping and the Role of the Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka”, International Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers 2002 Conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka, October 2002.
  • Speaker and Panelist, “Pure” Fast Freight Ferries for Coastal Services in the US, Ro/Ro 2002 Conference, Lubek, Germany, June 2002.
  • Speaker and Panelist, “US Port Capacity and Capability”, Marine Transportation System, Research and Technology Conference, TRB/Marine Board (National Academy of Science), Washington DC, November 2001.
  • Speaker, " Defining Criteria for Transshipment Hub Ports", Terminal Operations Conference (TOC) America 2001 Conference , Miami, FL, September 2001.
  • Chairman, Session on Environmental and Competition Policy; and Commentator; speaker and panelist, "Controlled Growth of Ports", Session on Planning for Future Terminal Capacity, Terminal Operating Conference (TOC) 2001, Lisbon, Portugal, June 2001
  • Speaker and Panelist, "Fast Coastal Ferries in the U.S.", The 17th Fast Ferry Conference , New Orleans, LA, March 2001.
  • Speaker and Panelist, “Opportunities for Coastal Shipping in the U.S.”, Session on Fast Ferries, Ferries 2000, Biloxi, MS, November, 2000.
  • Speaker and Panelist, “The Impact of the Fourth Revolution on Latin America”, The Session on Global Development, Latin Ports 2000 Conference, Miami, FL, November, 2000.
  • Speaker and Panelist, “The Fourth Revolution and Expansion Options for the Panama Canal”, Opening Session, Transportation Research Board, National Science Foundation, Norfolk, VA, July, 2000.
  • Principal Speaker, Long-Terms Trends in Liner Shipping and Container Ports, A special presentation and workshop for Stevedoring Services of America, ABAM Engineering and the Port of Seattle, Seattle, WA, July, 2000.
  • Keynote Speaker, What Does the 12th Century Portend for Western Hemisphere Ports? Ports America Conference 2000, Maritime Day, Philadelphia, PA, June, 2000.
  • Visiting Lecturer, Long Term Trends in Shipping and Ports, The 36th International Seminar on Port Management, Delft International Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering and Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands, May 2000.
  • Speaker and Panelist, The Prospects for Revival of Coastal Shipping in the U.S., the Permanent International Navigation Association Conference (PIANC) 2000, Oakland, CA, USA, May 2000.
  • Speaker and Panelist: (a) The Fourth Revolution and Transshipment Potentials for Panama; and (b) The Prospects for the Yangshan Port Project), Rotterdam, Terminal Operators Conference (TOC) 2000, The Netherlands, May 2000.
  • Principal Speaker and Discussion Leader, The Fourth Revolution and its Impact on the Canal's Expansion Prospects, Panama Canal Authority Workshop, Panama City, Panama, April 3, 2000. Attendees included the Administrator, senior staff, current and former Ministers of the Canal and the Executive Director of Panama Maritime Authority.
  • Keynote Speaker, The VIII Congress of Maritime Transport and Ports of The Ports of Spain, " Long Term Trend in Container Shipping: Equatorial Round-The-World Services and their Impact on European Ports", Algeciras, Spain, November 1999.
  • Chairman, Terminal Operators Conference (TOC) 99, sessions: (a) Transshipment -- Emerging Mediterranean Shipping Patterns; and (b) The Intermodal Challenge; and Presenter, Long Term Trends in Container Shipping: the Emergence of Equatorial Round-The-World Services and Pure Transshipment Ports, Genoa, Italy, June 1999.
  • Speaker and Panelist, Container Ports & Terminals Performance in the Intermodal Chain Conference, “Standard Port Performance Indicators”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, February 1999.
  • Chairman, Terminal Operators Conference (TOC) 98 (Asia), session on Port Investments -- Strategies and Practical Experience in the Middle East and South Asia, Dubai, October 1998.
  • Principal, workshop on Port Pricing and Finance, Organization of American States and U.S. Maritime Administration, Lima, Peru, June 1998.
  • Speaker and Workshop Principal, Latin Ports '97 Conference, “Port Privatization, Operational and Financial Considerations”, Miami, November 1997 (with Paul Kent).
  • An invited participant (by U.S. Secretary of Transportation) in a workshop on Impacts of Changes in Ship Design on Transportation Infrastructure and Operations, New York, NY, July 1997.
  • Speaker and Panelist, Terminal Operators Conference (TOC) 97, “All-In Port Pricing and Productivity Adjusted Pricing”, Barcelona, Spain, June 1997.
  • Speaker and Panelist, International Port Development: Financing Port Development Projects, “Developing Port Jakarta's Strategic Plan”, Washington D.C., June 1997.
  • Speaker and Panelist, Terminal Operators Conference (TOC) 96, “Evolution in Transshipment Patterns and their Impact on Ports: The Case of Indonesia”, Hamburg, Germany, April 1996.
  • Lecturer, International Program for Port Management, Port Operations, Technology and Performance”, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, 1996 to 2000.
  • Speaker and Panelist, The Potential for Small Containerships, Marine Log: Commercial Shipbuilding USA Conference, Washington D.C., December 1995.
  • Speaker and Discussion Leader, The Second Annual Conference on Transportation Management, State University of New York, Maritime College, Port Schuler, NY, May 1995.
  • Speaker, Conference on Russian Port Development, “Assessing Capacity of Ports and Terminals,” U.S. Agency for International Development, Washington D.C. September 1994.
  • Speaker and Panelist, The Maritime System of the Americas (Phase II), “Alternative Land and Water Intermodal Options,” U.S. Maritime Administration and Mexico Ministry of Communication, Veracruz, Mexico, July 1994.
  • Speaker, National Commission on Intermodal Transportation (for the U.S. Congress), Revival of Coastal Shipping of Freight, May 1994.
  • Speaker and Panelist, Maritime System of the Americas, Vessel Technology and Operations, U.S. Maritime Administration, New Orleans, March 1993.
  • Speaker and Panelist, Ports '92 Conference of ASCE/PIANC, Port Access, Seattle, WA, July 1992.
  • Speaker, Cargo Systems' 7th Terminal Operation Conference (TOC), Intermodal Transport Systems, Genoa, Italy, June 1992.
  • Speaker and Panelist, Annual Convention of the National Science Foundation, Transportation Research Board, Intermodal Committee, Intermodal Yard Capacity, Washington D.C., January 1992.
  • Principal Speaker, Breakbulk Roundtable for U.S. Maritime Administration Offices of Technology Assessment and Ports and Intermodal Development, November 1991.
  • Speaker, Port Systems and Barge Terminals, a 1-week Regional Seminar on Inland Waterway Transportation in South America, Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 1991.
  • Speaker, Privatization Options for the Port of Buenos Aires, a 2-week workshop, Buenos Aires, Argentine, October 1991. Participants included port representative, shippers, stevedores and lines' representatives from 5 South American countries.
  • Speaker, Future Breakbulk Ports, Bulk Transpo 91 -- The Journal of Commerce Conference Atlanta, GA, June 1991.
  • Speaker, Port and Terminal Capacity in two Workshops on Port Privatization to delegates from South America sponsored by USAID/TDP, June 1991.
  • An expert witness and a provider of a deposition to the Committee on Publics Works and Transportation, U.S. House of Representatives, on Overweight Containers, July 1990.
  • Panelist, Government Shipping Panel, Society for Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME), an industry-government-academia forum, 1990.
  • Speaker, Feasibility of Unitization of Breakbulk Cargoes, 6th Terminal Operation Conference (TOC) of Cargo System, Amsterdam, April 1990.
  • Panelist, the session on Trends in Breakbulk and Neobulk Cargo Handling Technology, the Annual Convention of the Association of American Port Authorities (AAPA), Tampa, Florida, October 1989.
  • Panelist, the session on Intermodal Transportation, the annual U.S. Transportation Research Forum in conjunction with the Canadian Transportation Research Forum, Toronto, 1988.
  • Speaker and Panelist, Strategic Planning for Ports, World Wide Shipping in conjunction with the Port Authority of New York / New Jersey, New York, 1987.
  • Presenter and Panelist, Productivity of Marine Terminals, National Science Foundation in cooperation with the Maritime Administration, Long Beach, California, 1986.
  • Speaker and Panelist, Potential for Short Sea, River/Ocean Systems in the U.S., The U.S. Maritime Administration, Washington, D.C., 1985.

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